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Surgeons rely on their experience, training, sense of touch and sight to make critical decisions during an operation. There is new technology available to surgeons today that allows them to see things that they simply couldn’t in the past. Fluorescence Guided Surgery allows surgeons to make more informed decisions to enhance safety, operate with more precision, and improve outcomes. Surgeons have called this advancement “The GPS of Surgery”. The International Society for Fluorescence Guided Surgery (ISFGS) is dedicated to education in the rapidly growing field of fluorescence guided surgery, both for patients and healthcare professionals. This site will help you understand how this technology works and will also assist you in finding a surgeon that employs fluorescence guided surgery.

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Fluorescence Guided
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Learn about Fluorescence Guide Surgery works and how it benefits many surgical procedures

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Learn how fluorescence guided surgery may enhance safety in this common procedure

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Fluorescence guided surgery may reduce the chance of a serious complication

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Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction following breast surgery may be improved using fluorescence guided surgery

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