“Fluorescence Guided Surgery allows the surgeons to see what they couldn’t see before…it makes surgery more accurate, more safe.”

Dr Frank A. Papay, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio

“I use fluorescence in my surgery because although the naked eye can see 80-90% of things going on, it can’t see a 100% and fluorescence gives me that extra visibility.”

Dr. Martin I. Newman, Cleveland Clinic, Florida

“A fluorescence guided approach for Lap Chole, makes the procedure safer and more efficient.”

Dr Mayank Roy, Cleveland Clinic, Florida

“The near-infrared light used in FGS can more easily penetrate human tissues, allowing surgeons to see ‘through’ layers of tissue and organs. In addition to allowing a surgeon to see what otherwise would be invisible, FGS has the added advantage of being a real-time imaging process

Dr Raul J Rosenthal , Cleveland Clinic, Florida

“By using fluorescence guided surgery techniques, a surgeon can clearly visualize each patient’s bile ducts and confidently complete a safe procedure, resulting in improved patient outcomes”.

Dr Fernando Dip, Cleveland Clinic, Florida

“Fluorescence image guided surgery is a new surgical revolution that allows surgeons across all surgical specialties to better identify anatomical structures that could otherwise not be visible to the human eye with conventional white light”

Dr Raul J Rosenthal, Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic, Florida